Engineered for Creativity- Microsoft Surface Studio.


” Sleek, Powerful and Truly Beautiful. “




Surface Studio turns your desk into a creative studio. It is a new class of device that transforms from a desktop PC into a powerful digital canvas, unlocking a more natural and immersive way to create on the thinnest display ever built. With a 4.5k ultra HD screen, Surface Studio delivers 63% more pixels than a state-of-the-art 4K TV.  Surface Studio works beautifully with pen, touch, and the new Surface Dial.

Microsoft’s Surface PCs are known for their hinges. From the first, launched alongside Windows 8, to the new Surface Studio, each device has a hinge system that has evolved over time. That’s no accident, as the designers behind the scenes have been tweaking the Surface formula for years now. This latest creation, the Surface Studio, is designed to create an illusion of floating pixels.



Surface Dial is a new input device designed for the creative process, enabling you to work with both of your hands. It integrates with Windows 10 to work with any Surface device for a faster and more intuitive way to scroll, zoom, and navigate. It also enables a set of unique experiences exclusive to Surface Studio, such as app-specific digital tools that allow you to quickly access shortcuts and move seamlessly through your workflow.

Surface Book with Performance Base, the most powerful Surface Book yet, packs 16 hours of battery life into the same sleek, versatile design people love. It has more than twice the GPU processing power than the original Surface Book. No other laptop combines this combination of  battery life, performance and pixels, in as lightweight a package.


The Surface Studio is the latest hinge in Microsoft’s Surface lineup, but it won’t be the last. The winner up for this week tech event has been definitely handed over to Microsoft.





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