What country produces the best programmers in the world?

Many of us will think USA is going to top the list, But its not, America is the biggest platform that offers unparalleled opportunities  for programmers but it is not the biggest source of best programmers.  India is known for their growth in IT and outsourcing, Meanwhile Russia produces one of the best coders in the world.


According to Hackerrank stats the following countries are best in programming. The ranking is based on 15 top types of challenges on HackerRank.



  1. China: China have the best performing computer programmers on HackerRank overall. When it comes to specific types of challenges, China is the best performing country in data structure, mathematics, and functional programming.
  2. Russian: Russian hackers, country’s strong performance in HackerRank’s challenges probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Russia is the most dominant country when it comes to algorithms, which is the most popular type of challenge on the site.
  3. Poland: Poland wins in Java challenges on the site, particularly impressive as java is the preferred language amongst most of HackerRank’s users. Like many of the other countries on this list, Poland also offers coding classes in their schools.
  4. Switzerland: Of the 15 top types of challenges on HackerRank, Switzerland scores in the top five in nine of them, making it one of the most dominant countries across the board. Switzerland was also the birthplace of Pascal, one of the first computer programming languages
  5. Hungary: Hungary comes in at an impressive no. 5 spot in the rankings, and tops the world in performance on tutorial challenges. Hungary was one of the first European countries to adopt computer programming classes into their education system, in both primary and secondary schools




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