Sony Xperia Touch – the ultimate display

Every since the launch of VR, many tech giants have launched their own verison of it or even a better product to steal the spotlight. VR, augumented reality and many innvoation have come up. People are now in need of more interactive virtual or augemented technology.

How does it sound to have a tech which changes any surface into an interactive display of any size ? Yes that is what Xperia Touch is all about. In reality  Xperia Touch is an Android projector that turns any surface into a touchscreen.


The Xperia Touch is meant to be more than just a projector, with Sony hoping it will act as a digital hub for families. The company has created its own user interface for the Touch, which puts a bunch of information in one place, including calendar events, real-time weather data, and a “memo board” anyone can doodle on. You can also access Skype video chat from this screen, or leave video notes (like “remember the milk!” or “I love you don’t die today!”) for other members of your family.

As well as this digital pinboard functionality, the Touch can do anything you’d expect an Android tablet to. You can browse the web, watch videos or slideshows, and download apps and games from the Google Play Store. It also works with the PS4’s Remote Play feature, meaning you can use it to game over the internet if someone else is using the TV attached to your console.

The Touch uses Sony’s SXRD projection display technology and detects users’ gestures and taps using a combination of infrared sensors and a regular 60 fps camera. It’s going on sale in Europe sometime this spring and has a suggested retail price of €1,499 ( ₹ 1,02,586.32). We hope it would arrive in India 1 months after sale worldwide and chances are that the price may drop.


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