Uvolt – Another variant for smartwatches

We present another innovative product today, it’s called the ” Uvolt”. Uvolt is basically a watch that can charge phones. But you got to know why this makes it an awesome gadget to buy.


Featuring a posh analog look the watch homes a solar panel in it’s face. The solar panel is used to store power to charge phones. The watch has a detachable battery docked under it’s surface. This detachable battery is used to charge phones. Now lets get into the details.

1 The Uvolt Watch is inspired by classic analog design while containing compact and inventive technology underneath to draw less power.3464399dc9445166cbfab42bdc14c308_original.jpg

2 The Uvolt Watch hands have a minimal width to maximize the performance of the solar panel. It is also covered with a thin sheet of anti-reflective mineral glass to further enhance the solar capacity.


3 The power reserve combines a custom circuit that handles the electrical flow of the watch with a high-density lithium-ion battery.


4 The power reserve has an integrated Lightning port for Apple devices, Micro USB or USB-C for Android devices. It can even go entirely wireless.


5 At the bottom sits the wireless receiver for inductive charging through the included dock. It all fits in a durable aluminium body.


6 On top of that, we filled the bracelet with batteries to add more capacity, allowing a second charge after the power reserve has been used.





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