Encrypted Communication voice calls using Telegram.

Telegram has recently launched voice calling service. Telegram is a little late to the party, with countless messaging services already offering voice calling. However, Telegram’s focus on end-to-end encryption means it’s bringing security to said party.

Governments around the world are currently seeking to erode the use of encryption. Their argument is that this will stop terrorists communicating in secret. However, it isn’t just bad guys who take exception to being snooped on.

This is why Telegram exists. And why Telegram is now offering encrypted voice calls.

End-to-End Encryption Is an Innovation

Telegram has tried to keep voice calls in line with the rest of the service, so the interface is both familiar and easy to use. However, Telegram’s voice calling capabilities offer two major innovations over most of the competition: end-to-end encryption and granular control.

Voice calls are built on the same end-to-end encryption already powering Telegram’s Secret Chats. However, Telegram has improved the key exchange mechanism so that the two people making the call just need to compare four emoji to ensure the call is 100 percent secure.

In terms of user control Telegram is putting you in charge of who can and cannot call you. This precision control means you can turn voice calls on for everybody, just your contacts, or nobody. You can also restrict certain individuals from calling you on a one-on-one basis.

Telegram is rolling out encrypted voice calls on Android and on iOS right now. The rollout is starting in Western Europe before expanding to the rest of the world. To gain the ability to make encrypted voice calls using Telegram you’ll need to update the app to v3.18.

A Platform for Secure Communications

Telegram has a proven track record of offering a platform for secure communications. And if its voice calling capabilities are as solid as the rest of the service then this feature will prove extremely useful for lots of people. Oh, and it will also upset politicians, which is a nice bonus.


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