Nurture your child’s creativity using Technology.

Why is it that children today are more attracted to video games than comic books? we can see that times have changed certainly . We don’t see children playing outside or using crayons in a physical coloring book. Whether we like it or not, advances in technology have replaced many of those old-school ways of developing our kids’ imaginations.

As far as video games go, A huge amount of thought, creativity and art has gone into designing those artistic little video games. They encourage children to bring out their hidden artistic selves.

Neuroscience research has proved the fact that all children are born with innate creative powers and as they grow up some of them keep their creativity active while others unconsciously keep it dormant. Hence, all of us from being a child have the potential for great, revolutionary creativity and all we need is to realize this potential.

All that being said, there really are some wonderful, educational, and imagination-sparking tools that can help you encourage your child’s creative side. Why should we continue to be concerned about their creativity? And what are those tools? Read on to find out.

Creativity-Inspiring Tools

Websites & Software Applications

You already know that drawing, painting, dancing, singing, and storytelling are all healthy and fun ways for your child to use their imagination and creative mind. So when you are ready to incorporate technology into the mix, it is important to find tools that are safe, effective, and of course, enjoyable.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites and apps to help. But, since we cannot include every single option, we do have a nice list to get you started.

1. Disney LOL

The Disney LOL section of has tons of creative games and activities for kids. The Disney Yourself activity is a fun way for children to dress themselves from head to toe with everything from expressions and hair to hats and clothes.



You can also create sticker books, coloring pages, a scrapbook designer, and an emoji maker. Plus, the large selection of games let your child jump right into their favorite Disney show like Beauty and the Beast or Kim Possible.


It is probably no surprise that the PBS website offers fun games that foster your child’s creativity. The activities are separated into three categories: Sensory Stuff, Ideas & Exploration, and Creativity Challenge. Each one contains a variety of games. You can create a cool kaleidoscope, play a variety of instruments, or cast silly shadows with shapes.

pbs kaleidoscope

3. Crayola Kids’ Playzone

Who better to offer enjoyable creative games for kids than Crayola? Visit the Kids’ Playzone and choose from a collection of activities. Let your children build a snowman, put on a fireworks display, or make a funny monster. Some games will even let you print the finished picture or print to physically color them.


1. Make your kid into a great artist

Download an art or drawing app onto your tablet, and have your kids use their visual skills to create a work of art—a greeting card for a family member, a self portrait of a sibling, etc. Younger kids will love the Crayola DigiTools Paint Pack, an app and accessory for your tablet that includes paintbrushes, airbrushes and spray painting tools to create digital art.

2. Film a mini movie

Have your kids put on their director hats. They can use their smartphones as the video camera. Kids can make use of the Magisto app to record video of their friends, take photos, add music and blend them together into mini movies. Or have your kids download AndroVid Video Editor, an app that allows you to edit multiple video clips into one. If your kid has a smartphone with a good-quality camera, even better!

3. Crank the tunes

Studies have shown that listening to music can enhance long-term memory, which is crucial for kids’ success in school. Have your kid download an app such as iHeartRadio, then stream music to the family’s favorite wireless speaker. There’s no need to bust out the boring flashcards in order to get your kids ready for the new school year. These digital activities can help. Your kids are sure to have fun, get their creative juices flowing and prep their brains for the new school year ahead.

Additional Resources

For more game and activity ideas outside of the technological box, take a peek at these websites. They offer creative ideas for indoor as well as outdoor activities:

And if you ever have a question about an app, website, or even movie, book, or video game for your child, check out the Common Sense Media site.






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