Which Programming language is the best to learn ?

Many people are curious about code. Unfortunately, choosing a programming language can be a major hurdle, because people lack the information necessary to make a good decision.

Few questions are so commonly asked that they get the full infographic treatment. But this is one of them:


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Choosing a programming language may still seem overwhelming. It shouldn’t. You can’t go wrong. As long as you choose a language that is regularly used in technology today, you’re winning. When you are starting out, the goal is to become solid in the basics, and the basics are pretty similar across almost all modern programming languages.

The concept of a variable, loop, array, or function is the same no matter which language you choose. If you decide to get involved with front-end web development, you might choose JavaScript. You might, after a time, get bored. You then think building a phone app sounds fun. Now you need to learn Objective-C, Swift, or Java. Was all your JavaScript study for nothing? Not at all. Most of the things you learned about JavaScript are applicable to the next language you tackle.

It will take you hundreds of hours of practice to become even remotely competent with your first programming language.

So you should consider the following factors:

  • the job market for the language
  • the long term prospects for the language
  • how easy the language is to learn
  • what projects you can build while you’re learning (and share with friends so you can stay motivated)

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