UN-addict the younger generation’s love for the Digital World.

Technology is evolving faster and has never failed to amaze us, from satellites that weigh 16 grams to edible water bottles, news of innovations and breakthroughs reach as everyday. By man’s demanding expectations, science has indeed made our lives easier and efficient.

This glory of success has it’s equal share of failures and shame. The most disturbing thing that caught my eye is our young generation’s profound love for the Digital World we created. This sophisticated world that we created, which we believed will make our lives easier has actually made us lazier and terminated most of our social skills and needs. What’s worse, youngsters  believe this is the natural way of human’s life.

Though the title’s viewpoint is upon the youngsters I beckon the help of the elder generations to join hands and help make this sophisticated world into more efficient  and healthy place.

Be Outdoor rather than seeing it through a Window:

During my childhood days, the streets used to bustle with kids every evening. Nowadays we cannot find any children playing outside.

PCs, mobiles and laptops has got most of the people hooked up to their seats indoors. People should find time to go out and breathe in fresh air. Giving regular work for the legs is important. The blue light that emits from the screen is also bad for the eyes.

The Classic route:

  • We have to motivate kids to go outdoors to play instead of video games.  We can do that by joining them in activities like sports, self-defense, camping, important survival skills, home economics etc.
  • Go regular trips or dates with your friends and family. Spend the weekends visiting any local sights or shopping rather than cramming in the house watching T.V.
  • Instead of social media we can join social meetups and groups. But forbid yourself from signing up shady groups online, joins ones that you would trust which has a lot of people and reviews.
  • Pets can be a great companion in helping your kid to be active and go outdoors.


The Technology route:

  •  Instead of playing video games we can encourage kids to develop video games. They will also help lay foundation for programming. Our suggestion is learning scratch for very young kids and python for high schoolers and above.
  • If your kids are interested in videos so much you create a youtube channel and motivate your kids to make vlogs (video logs) of  anything they like, games they played, tips and tricks etc. Though, this can sometimes be less physical, it helps your kids to become productive and it lets them first hand experience responsibility.
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) smart toys and robotics. These activities could be fun which leverages technology and makes your child a better thinker.
  • Smart managers or personal assistants can monitor your health and make appropriate suggestions. Smart assistants like alexa, siri and cortana can integrate with your mobile or other health tracking devices and provide you insights and suggestions from time to time.

We leave it in your hands:

Though we did cover little we believe that we have set up the perfect tinder for fire. All we would like to convey is the idea of adopting better technologies or physical activities to help the younger generation have a healthy future.






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