Turn your smart phone into a 3D printer.

Yes it is true, this is no click bait. Technology has reached the stage where we can use your smart phone to create 3D models. A product called OLO promises to turn any phone into a functional 3D printer.

While the last known interaction of a smart phone in the 3D model creation process is, sending 3D data or remote controlling the 3D printer. Your phone actually becomes an essential cog in the fabrication process: the printer uses the light from the phone’s display to shape any object you’re producing.


OLO is a portable 3D printer measuring 6.8 x 4.5 x 5.8 inches, arguably, the first digital fabrication tool you can throw in a bag and carry everywhere. To use, you simply launch the app on your phone, choose the model you’re fabricating, and lay your phone down on a flat surface. From there, you place OLO’s lower component on top of the phone, pour the recommended amount of liquid resin, and place the top component (which holds the build plate and control electronics) to cover.


Printing will commence on its own, with the app making your phone’s screen light up with a specific pattern that corresponds with the model. A polarized glass on the bottom of the lower component takes this light and shines it outwardly, redirecting it to cause a layer of resin to harden.  The build plate slowly rises as each layer of resin hardens until the whole model is finished.

What are your thoughts about this printer? Lets us know in the comments below.


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