The Cheapest Augment Reality headset at $33

When Oculus first released Virtual reality headsets it took the industry by storm, many companies created and branded their own version of virtual reality headsets. But, it didn’t penetrate the whole market as it was a bit expensive for most people and also the amount of interactive contents available for the headsets at that time was very less. Then came Google and introduced Google cardboard which was a several times cheaper than an commercial headsets in the market. Though it wasn’t as immersive as the commercial ones, it was affordable and allowed anyone with a smart phone to access virtual reality content. It also gave developers the opportunity to contribute to virtual reality.

Again last year 2016, Microsoft announced an another game changing product called Hololens that uses augmented reality. Hololens is so visually compelling that it has a lot of consumers and hungry developers waiting in queue to get their hands on the product. But once again the product is a bit too pricey for normal enthusiasts to get their hands on. Now we have a new manufacturer which has brought a cheap version of augmented reality headset priced around at 33 dollars.

Introducing Aryzon

It was developed by a team of five industrial design students from the University of Twente in the Netherlands who were not satisfied with the cost of high-end AR, nor the cheaper experiences available for phones.

The Netherlands-based startup launched their Kickstarter campaign Monday (May 29) and the campaign has already surpassed its funding goal. The company expects to ship units to backers in September.

Much like the Google Cardboard virtual reality kits, Aryzon ships to users a DIY kit, costing just $30. Once assembled, users simply affix their iPhone or Android device into the allotted slot.



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