A single person’s data usage estimated to be about 11GB per User in India by 2022

According to a latest report by Ericsson Mobility, the total data traffic being consumed by each smartphone user in India will hit a peak of 11 GB per month by the year 2022, .

The company released its report for 2017, which shows trends on mobile consumption, traffic, etc. According to Ericsson, India will see CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 40% around data.

“As new apps continue to emerge and user behaviour evolves, network performance will play an even bigger role in determining smartphone users’ loyalty towards their operators. In fact, Mobile broadband experience in India is five times more effective in driving loyalty than tariff structure and pricing,” said Nitin Bansal, Head of Network Products, Ericsson India said in a press statement.

The report says this growth in data traffic is fed by the growing adoption of smartphones, which is increasing at a very fast pace in the India market. It also says the consumer behaviour has changed in India, and the disruptive pricing strategies of operators also contributed to an increase in data consumption.

India is seeing an increase in consumption of video, multimedia services on mobiles. By the year 2022, nearly 97 per cent of mobile data traffic will be smartphone traffic. The report also notes in India, “data is generating far more traffic than voice calls,” which indicates a huge shift in user habits.

The report also focuses on how video consumption has increased on mobiles with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram being used to live stream and consume videos. Interestingly 4G users are more satisfied than 3G users in India, and 40 per cent of these judge the quality of the network based on its performance around video streaming, buffering.

In 2016, GSM is still the dominant technology in the India market. Over 70 per cent of total mobile subscriptions are still on GSM, points out the Ericsson report. On 5G technology, the report predicts these subscriptions will be available only in 2022, representing around 0.2 per cent of total mobile subscriptions or nearly 3 million in number.

The report also notes VoLTE subscriptions are projected to reach 370 million by the end of 2022 in India, which is a significant jump. “VoLTE represents a great opportunity for telecom operators in India who are looking to route voice calls over 4G LTE networks enabling lower cost per minute for voice calls as well as free up legacy spectrum bands for re-farming,” added Bansal.




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