A new privacy based browser for Android : Firefox Focus

There’s are many browsers available in the play store.  People generally prefered browers in terms of speed and data crunching. But we can see a rise in interests for privacy based browsers.

The movement for greater privacy has been growing over the years through concerns exacerbated by WikiLeaks, NSA spying, identify theft, and more. Many users play an active role in trying to protect their personal data and save valuable megabytes on their data plans.

Traditionally in most Android web browsers the so called “private” browsing exists to protect your privacy, but in reality they don’t, ads and ad trackers can prove to be worse.

Firefox Focus runs smoothly and is intuitive to use, while the UI is an aesthetically-pleasing ombre of pinks and purple. Focus automatically blocks a number of web trackers that might follow your browser activity and show you some annoying ads. This feature is also supposed to help make loading websites faster overall, while also using less data. Users can also quickly erase any passwords or cookies, along with their browser history, for added privacy.




The Android version has additional features compared to the previously released iOS version: a counter listing the number of ads blocked so far, an option to disable the tracker blocker, and a notification reminder that Firefox is still running.

You can either set Focus as your default browser, or just choose it manually whenever you want to browse more privately. It’s an incredibly fast and minimal web browsing experience, one I think a lot of folks will cling to. If you’re looking to try it out for yourself — don’t worry, it’s free — check out your Google Store.


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