How fast are you reflexes? Check ’em out online, with these interactive tests.

Smart is the new sexy. A sharp and healthy mind is always necessary, be it work or general social interactions it’s all about speed. How fast you are able to think, process information and how spontaneous is your presence of mind ? all of them matters.

Afraid you might not have been working-out your brain muscle enough? You can always start training by cultivating good memory habits, regularly teasing your brain with activities to make it active. But before we do that, how about we check the speed of our thinking, reading and reflexes?

1. MathRun Sprint (Web): Basic Math

Let’s start of with something simple like maths. Daily life would be extremely difficult without mathematics. You need to be able to quickly calculate simple equations, or spot bad math. A fast reaction time can be the difference between good and great.

Online Tests -- MathRun Sprint

MathRun Sprint puts your math speed skills to the test. It looks like one of the math games kids should be playing, but the calculations are useful for adults too. It involves only the four basics of mathematics alone: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. MathRun Sprint will show you an equation, and you have to say whether it’s correct or wrong. There are 20 total equations, and both your speed and accuracy are counted towards the final score.

2. 10FastFingers Typing Speed (Web):

For some jobs, it’s crucial that you’re able to type fast. Whether it’s taking notes from your boss or writing a lot of articles every day, speed is what will get you past the finish line first.

Online Tests -- Typing Speed

10 Fast Fingers is one of several free online typing tests. What makes it special is how it lets you compare yourself against others. Every time you finish a test, whether it’s basic or advanced, it’ll show how you did against others who took the test. Typing speed is calculated in words per minute, and you are pitted against the worldwide average, as well as the worldwide fastest speed.

Generally speaking, professional typists clack away on their keyboards at speeds upwards of 100 words per minute. If you are some ways off from that, 10 Fast Fingers’ several practice tests should help you speed up.

4. WSJ Reading Test (Web):

There’s a craze around the concept of speed-reading. Whether you should learn to speed read or be a more engaged reader is up for debate. But how about first finding out how quickly you read anyway?

The Wall Street Journal put together a little test to check your reading speed. The app will give you a WSJ article to read, and calculate how your speed in words per minute. At the end of it, you will be asked a few questions about what you just read. That’s crucial, since comprehension is critical to reading. WSJ’s app then tells you to try a basic speed-reading technique (like humming out loud while reading) and rechecks your speed and comprehension.

Online Tests -- Reading Speed

It should be noted that WSJ doesn’t give as much importance to comprehension as we’d like. That’s probably because it’s also a speed-reading learner app. If you want a more accurate calculation of your reading speed with comprehension, try Turbo Read’s tests.

5. Reaction Time (Web): Check Your Reflexes

Dr. Eric Chudler of the University of Washington has spent years explaining neuroscience to children, including hosting a TV show. Most of his experiments are available online, and they can give you a decent insight into your reaction times.

Online Tests -- Reaction Time

The Red-Green test is perhaps the best of the lot. It’s pretty simple. You’re presented with a traffic signal. Click a button and it’ll turn red. Then you wait for the light to turn green. As soon as it does, click the button again. After doing this five times, it calculates your average reaction time in milliseconds.

We already know that neuroscience can help you be more productive. So if you like the Red-Green test, try Dr. Chudler’s other tests.

5. Cognitive Speed Test (Web): Think Fast!

Data suggests that smart people think faster than others. How do you fare when compared to other people? The Cognitive Speed test at Test My Brain pits you against 1,500 other brains to find out.

Online Tests -- Cognitive Speed Test

It’s a series of four tests that task different aspects of your brain. All of them are related to speed though, so this will give you a good idea of how fast you think. More importantly, there is comparative data at the end.

Once you’re done, Test My Brain shows how you rank on each test against the average median of people who have taken the same test.


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