When the rains come down, the lights flicker…

The monsoon season is sure to bring a lot of happy memories to us. Every year the monsoon brings with it, the signature cool and pleasant weather, hot and steaming food and of course the frequent rain holidays. But the joy of monsoon is always followed by chaos created by water logged roads, power surges … Continue reading When the rains come down, the lights flicker…


Kindle Your Spirit

Librocubicularist …BIBLIOBIBULI.. No.., these are not spells from the harry potter movies and they are not biological names either.  These are actually words used to describe a book lover.  Bibliobibuli is the name given to a person who reads excessively and Librocubicularist is a person who reads even while in bed. Man’s fascination with words … Continue reading Kindle Your Spirit

When Creativity meets Productivity

In a perfect world, creative people would spend 100% of their time doing what they love: They write, design, film, build, and create! However, this isn’t the reality for most creatives. In an actual workplace there are feedback, client requests,  edits, and meetings on top of meetings. In the end some people don’t even have enough time left to actually be creative. … Continue reading When Creativity meets Productivity