Fuel from tyres anyone?

Gone are the days when renewable energy can only be obtained from sources like wind, water or sunlight. Today science and technology has advanced so much that you can draw electricity from your old worn out car tyres. Tyre oil is actually a form of pyrolysis oil which can be used to fuel turbines and … Continue reading Fuel from tyres anyone?


When Creativity meets Productivity

In a perfect world, creative people would spend 100% of their time doing what they love: They write, design, film, build, and create! However, this isn’t the reality for most creatives. In an actual workplace there are feedback, client requests,  edits, and meetings on top of meetings. In the end some people don’t even have enough time left to actually be creative. … Continue reading When Creativity meets Productivity


Google Deepmind- a Google acquired artificial intelligence company based in London has announced that , their scientists have started working on developing a kill switch that can override any  Artificial Intelligence. In simpler terms ,it is a smart kill switch for the Smart machines of the future. Their announcement has brought relief to many who … Continue reading NOW A SMART KILL SWITCH FROM GOOGLE